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The Sound And Light of Thai Lantern Festivals

The Sound And Light of Thai Lantern Festivals


The lantern festival is a big deal in Thailand. It’s a time for locals to celebrate the culture and history of their country, even if it’s not always clear what that history is or why they’re celebrating it. The event takes place every October when Thais who live along the riverbanks decorate bamboo poles with paper lanterns, then float them downstream during an evening procession. But why do they do this? And how did this tradition get started? Well, let’s explore!

The Sound And Light of Thai Lantern Festivals

The festival was started by people who wanted to celebrate a shared identity as Thais, despite still being ruled by foreign powers.

The festival began as an effort by people who wanted to celebrate their shared identity as Thais, despite still being ruled by foreign powers. They wanted to create something that would unite all of Thailand under one banner–and so they did! The lanterns now represent various aspects of Thai culture: from history and mythology through food and traditions.

In some regions, villagers constructed huge wheels made from bamboo and scraps of paper which were set alight and rolled down hillsides into rivers and lakes.

In some regions, villagers constructed huge wheels made from bamboo and scraps of paper which were set alight and rolled down hillsides into rivers and lakes. The wheels could reach up to three meters in diameter and would be rolled down a hillside by an excited crowd before being pushed into the water, where they would float for several days. This tradition was thought to symbolize unity among Thais despite still being ruled by foreign powers at the time.

Today it’s mostly celebrated with lanterns floating along rivers at night (or burning them in fire pits).

Today, the tradition of floating lanterns is mostly celebrated with candles and electric lights. The lanterns are made from paper or bamboo, decorated with ribbons and flowers and lit with either a candle or an electric light. They’re usually floated on water at night, but you may also see them being burned in fire pits as part of a celebration called Loy Krathong (which takes place during the full moon).

During this holiday–or more specifically during New Year’s Eve–Thai people will float their lanterns down rivers or ponds in order to make wishes come true for themselves, family members and friends!

The tradition of floating krathong in Thailand dates back hundreds of years.

In Thailand, floating krathongs are a way to honor the goddess of water. The tradition dates back hundreds of years, and it’s still practiced today.

The floating lanterns are also used as a way to remember those who have passed on. It’s an important custom in Thai culture because people believe that spirits will follow the light from their homes all the way into heaven if they’re remembered by loved ones during this time period.

Thai people also use floating krathong as an opportunity to ask forgiveness or ask for good luck. For example, if someone has hurt your feelings or done something bad that made you upset at them before October 11th (the day before T-Day), then you can make amends by sending them flowers tied together with ribbon along with some coins inside your own krathong so that when it floats downriver your apology will be carried away too! And if someone has helped make your life better–like maybe giving advice about schoolwork or something similar–you could give them some money wrapped up inside paper so they can take care of themselves later down the road after giving back everything they gave us earlier this year!

Krathongs are typically made from banana leaves or lotus flowers, sculpted into shapes like lotus flowers or fishes or dragons and decorated with ribbons and flowers before they are floated on water at night during this time of year.

The krathong is a lantern festival tradition that dates back hundreds of years and has its roots in Buddhism. It’s believed that releasing these floating lights into the night sky will help solve problems while also bringing good luck to whoever releases them.

These events give you a chance to see how local people celebrate their culture!

You’ll also get a chance to experience the local culture and history of the region. The lantern festivals are held in different areas around Thailand, so you can choose one that’s convenient for you. If you’re interested in seeing beautiful scenery, there are many locations where this is possible!

For example, at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (which takes place on October 13th), there will be food vendors selling delicious vegetarian dishes along with traditional Thai dancing performances by monks and laypeople alike. It’s also common for people who attend these events to bring their own lights or lanterns as well as candles or incense sticks (called joss sticks). So if you want something unique from your trip abroad but don’t want anything too flashy–these festivals may be just what the doctor ordered!


If you’re looking for an exciting way to experience Thai culture, the lantern festival is a great place to start. It’s one of the most popular events in Thailand and it happens every year in November or December. The best part about these festivals is that they take place all over the country so there’s bound to be one near you! If not then maybe consider going on vacation during this time so that you can visit another city in person instead of just reading about it here on our blog (kidding).